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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Congress still working out... even though they aren't working

Despite the U.S. Government shutdown's thousands of closings, curtailments and furloughed employees, the members-only House of Representatives gym or "wellness center"- complete with pool, sauna, steam, basketball and paddleball courts, TVs and associated cleaning and maintenance costs - has stayed open, reportedly on direct orders from John Boehner, who (of course) caused the shutdown in the first place.

House Republicans applaud Boehner for keeping the gym open.
The Senate gym is evidently still open as well, though the gym for lowly staffers is closed.

And most legislators, minus about 130, are still getting paid (for doing nothing of any value).

Meanwhile, Democrats are busy crafting legislation known as the SPA Act (Shutdown Prioritization Act). This bill would prohibit the Architect of the Capitol from operating the Member gym during a government shutdown.

Tuesday evening, Reps. Bill Foster (D-Ill.) and Patrick E. Murphy (D-Fla.) sent an email with the subject "Tell Speaker Boehner: No Government, No Congressional Spa" to Democratic legislative directors.

The email was intercepted by House Republicans.  An angry Boehner responded, "Don't mess with my gym. If the Democrats bring the SPA Act to the floor I will personally see to it that this shutdown goes into overtime!"

The shutdown has furloughed roughly 800,000 federal employees, cut back Head Start and workplace safety, and denied death benefits and burial expenses to the families of four soldiers killed this weekend in Afghanistan.  On the positive side, the Utah National Guard is thrilled to be getting its new $47,174 mechanical bull on Monday, as previously ordered, to help attract recruits at fairs.

When all is said and done - whatever it is that gets done in a place like Washed Up Deceit - We the People can be thankful that our elected officials are taking such good care of THEMSELVES?!?!?!


Editor's Note: Thanks to Abby Zimmet at CommonDreams.org for being on top of this major news item(http://www.commondreams.org/further/2013/10/08-0) Other source: http://www.nbcwashington.com/investigations/House-Gym-Remains-Open-Despite-Shutdown-226972671.html.

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